Practice Range

The Practice Range is accessible to all members and visitors via the below methods:

Balls can be purchased in three ways:

Option 1 – Credit card 

Once the card has been swiped the balls will be dispensed in buckets of 35.

Cost will be $9.00 plus a transaction fee of $0.10.

Option 2 – Members card (Members Only) 

Members cards will have 2 accounts attached to them – House account and a Practice Range account.

To utilize this facility, members will need to deposit monies into the Practice Range account directly at Administration.

Members prices will be:    35 Balls $5.00  /  70 Balls $9.00

Once this is finalised members can utilise the dispensing machine.

Members will have a choice of 2 buckets sizes – 35 & 70 balls.

Option 3 – Tokens 

Visitors will have the option to purchase tokens directly at Administration or via the bar out of hours for $9, this will dispense a bucket of 35 balls only.


Please note that Members will no longer be able to access the range area (tee area only) to retrieve any balls.

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