Practice Range

The Practice Range is accessible to all members and visitors via the below methods:

Balls can be purchased in three ways:

Option 1 – Credit card 

Select the $9 bucket on the keypad.

Swipe or tap card via the credit card machine on the right hand side.

Once approved, the balls will be dispensed in buckets of 35.

Cost will be $9.00 plus a transaction fee of $0.10.

Option 2 – Members card (Members Only) 

Members cards will have 2 accounts attached to them – House account and a Practice Range account.

To utilize this facility, members will need to deposit monies into the Practice Range account directly via the ‘top up’ option at the machine or at Administration.

Members prices will be:    35 Balls $5.00  /  70 Balls $9.00

Once this is finalised members can utilise the dispensing machine.

Members will have a choice of 2 buckets sizes – 35 & 70 balls.



Please note that Members will no longer be able to access the range area (tee area only) to retrieve any balls.

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