President’s Update


I am aware that many of you have received an unsolicited email from one of our Club Members, Brett Le Moy, which some of you regard as a breach of your privacy, and the content of which you find to be disturbing and upsetting. I acknowledge that your email address is given to the Club for the purposes of official communication and that you do not expect other members to use the Members Directory as a personal platform.

Please be aware that the member in question has not utilised the Complaints Procedure to raise his concerns with the Executive, and that the matter will be addressed in line with the Constitution.

We continue to work towards returning the Club to a full competition programme at the end of June and to utilising the Clubhouse to the maximum that the current regulations will allow. Thank you for your tolerance and understanding, as we attempt to keep ahead of the changing guidelines, and your ongoing support of the Club.

Our financial position remains solid, but I am mindful that the JobKeepers Allowance will be discontinued in September and that we must ensure we have a financially sustainable operation at this time.

My thanks to the Executive Committee and the Admin Team for the enormous efforts they have put into getting us to this point.


Arlene Penlington

President Noosa Golf Club

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