With the implementation of the Step 1 of the Queensland Governments Roadmap which means that we can now have 10 people in the Clubhouse Bistro so the Bistro will now open for dinner from Wednesday 27th May.

Details are:

  • Open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
  • 2 sittings per night
  • 1st sitting 5:30pm to 6:45pm
  • 2nd sitting 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Diners must vacate the bistro by the advertised time so that staff can clean and setup for the following times in accordance with the Industry COVID-19 plan.

Menus will be limited to approx. 3 meals and will be advertised on the Tuesday prior.

Bookings are essential – walk ins are not permitted.

Initially we will only take one booking for the full table of 10 diners for each sitting. The person making the booking is responsible to fill all 10 seats.

Contact administration to make bookings.

On arrival all patrons, members or non-members, must sign in. The Qld Government require the Club to collect each patrons name, address and contact phone number. The reason for this is so that if there is a related COVID-19 case linked to the Club then the Health Dept can contact you quickly. We would also recommend patrons download the Australian Governments COVID-19 app. We are looking at the easiest method of doing this so we are asking that initially all diners carry their membership card and drivers licence.

The format for is full table service so patrons must be seated and are not permitted to stand at the bar.

We will also be providing a limited takeaway menu on these nights which will also be advertised the Tuesday prior. Members wishing to utilise this service will need to place their order by phone and will be advised a collection time. This will need to be adhered to so as we abide by the regulations.

We can also provide takeaway alcohol at the same time.

It will be nice to see you, our members, back in the Clubhouse.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Allan Harris



 For the past few weeks, we have been operating with a reduced greens staff, but we have now returned to a full crew to improve the presentation of the course.

The height of the noodle in the cup has been reduced by a few millimeters so the balls should not bounce over the hole as they have done recently.

Motorised carts

Maximum of 1 person per motorized cart, this includes private carts. Members that live in the same house may share a cart. Only 1 set of clubs per cart. This is due to members abusing the rules and jeopardising the club.


 As a result of the inclement weather this week competition entries have been less than expected and it is unreasonable to award prizes in three divisions when numbers are small. the committee has decided to award prizes in one division for fields of 40 or less, two divisions for 41 to 100 and three divisions thereafter.

Because of the smaller number of spaces available the wait lists are getting longer and therefore social play during the competition times will no longer be available on Tuesdays and Saturdays. All entrants in those times will be required to pay the competition fee.

Competition players will always have right of way over social players so if you are playing socially and delaying competition players please let them play through.

There are many of our members fortunate enough to be still employed and unable to play at any time except the weekends. Each day’s competition is the same so if you can play during the week instead of the weekend please do.

The Future

 The current time sheets are designed to ensure that we remain within the Queensland Government requirement of no more than ten people in any area. As the restrictions are eased on June 12th and July10th we will redesign the time sheets to ensure as many people as possible can play while adhering to the restrictions.

MiScore App

 Many members are using the MiScore App on their telephones to mark the scores and we are asking everyone who can to also do so, as it is a significant reduction in workload for those closing the competitions. If you are not being marked on the app it is important that you put the dots on the right side of the card. Without those we have to enter the score manually and it is time consuming, so please FILL IN THE DOTS.

If you are unable to complete your round please place a card in the box with a reason for withdrawal. The GA Handicapping Guide makes it clear that we play the game for enjoyment and are not expected to play through inclement weather, injury or illness. If we do not have a reason, No Score Not Approved will appear on your Golflink record, but if we have a reason then we can award a No Score Approved.

Bob Upham
Noosa Golf Club Captain


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