Captain’s Report May 2020


In these rapidly changing time it has been necessary to react quickly to changes and your committee is doing exactly that. Now that the restriction on groups of two is being lifted, next Saturday we will reintroduce competition play for members. We will have a mixed competition each day with tee times until 1230. Because of the continuing need for social distancing we cannot make the course available to the large numbers we can accommodate in normal times so we have allowed as many spots as possible to give everyone a chance. The plan at the moment is;

  • We will have a two tee start on Tuesdays and Saturdays with approximately 200 places available. On the other days we will have a single tee start with approximately 180 places. Time intervals have been increased to allow for social distancing and to prevent congestion at the crossovers on Tuesday and Saturday.
  • It will be assumed that all players in the competition times will be playing in the competition. The cost for the competitions will be $10. Social play is available in these times.
  • As the competitions are mixed it is envisaged we will run three divisions so that there are equal numbers of players in each division. The divisions will be decided once the play is complete.
  • Prizes will be Pro Shop vouchers for first, second and third.
  • Nearest the Pin prizes will not be available.
  • The cups will be back in the ground with buffers so that the ball is easily retrieved.
  • We will ask as many people as possible to use the MiScore App to reduce the handling of cards. We will issue a separate bulletin on the use of this App later in the week. In the meantime, please download it to your ‘phone from the relevant app store.
  • Competitions will be handicapped.
  • The Seventeenth will still be out of play but is rapidly improving. Members are reminded that the spare hole is immediately adjacent to private dwellings and anything that is said in that vicinity is easily heard by the residents.
  • The rules for carts have been slightly relaxed. It is still one person per cart, unless you live under the same roof, but we can accept two sets of clubs on one cart, with one person driving for the full round, and the other person walking.

All of the above is experimental as we cannot predict how many people will want to play so there may be further changes in the future with the aim of allowing as many as possible to play.

Bookings for Saturday 16th

The time sheet for Saturday 16th has been cancelled and a new time sheet with four players per group will be available for booking from 5 PM today.


The sand cylinders on all the hire carts are sanitised between uses so we are asking members who have their own carts, or hire carts, to fill as many divots as possible. As there are no sand buckets available, and there won’t be for the foreseeable future, we ask those of you who walk to bring a container of some sort to carry sand. The more divots we can fill the less time is spent by the ground staff that could be used more productively elsewhere.

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