Captain’s Report May 2020 – MiScore App


Now that competitions have resumed there are a few differences to note.

The holes will have a noodle inserted so that the ball will be easily retrievable. The ball still needs to be at rest within the confines of the hole to be considered holed.

Flagsticks are not to be touched. This will be a temporary local rule stating that, and any breach would incur the general penalty.

There will be no bunker rakes so players should smooth as best as possible with their feet. The temporary local rules board will include the option of preferred lies in bunkers with the reference point being the position of the ball and the relief area 1 card length, no nearer the hole.

It is permissible to mark your own card and sign but the score must be verified with your marker at the end of the round. Only one signature is required.

Water fountains, ball washers and vending machines have been removed or are unavailable.

All competition cards must be returned by 5PM.

Social distancing of 1.5 metres still applies.

MiScore App

As we are running a competition every day it will be up to the Administration Staff or Committee volunteers to process the scores and produce the results. Every card will have to be entered into the software by them, so the fewer cards we have the easier that process will be. There will be a box outside the Pro Shop for competition cards.

To reduce the number of cards we are asking everyone who can to use the MiScore App. All players will be issued with a card but if you know that your score has been submitted via the App please DO NOT place your card in the box.

A pictorial “how to” is attached to this document below, or you can find the full instructions at


There are a few points to note;

  • Log in is your normal Noosa Golf Club member number and password.
  • The GPS function is unavailable.
  • The app is quite battery hungry so please make sure you phone is fully charged.
  • The screen will go blank between holes but just swipe up and it will come back.
  • One person may sign both signature boxes but you must confirm the scores with the player.
  • You cannot upload your own score. If your marker does not have the app you will need to submit your card.
  • The app does not work on early model phones with unsupported operating systems.
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