Captain’s Report 15 May 2020

As competition is starting on Saturday and every day thereafter, it is timely to remind members of the ongoing and changed conditions that will apply.


Although we can now sell alcohol with meals it is still prohibited on the course. Please do not bring or consume alcohol during your round. As I have said once before, who would want to be responsible for closing the course for a couple of beers.

Social Distancing

It is now acceptable to approach the next tee or green whilst the previous group is still there but please keep in mind that the limit of 10 people in one area applies, and social distance of 1.5 metres still applies. We have increased the practice range limit to 8 people.

Pace of Play

It is really important that groups maintain their position in the field so that congestion is avoided. We have increased the tee time interval to assist with this and we will employ a marshall to supervise. Please remember the marshall is there to ensure we comply with the governments requirements.

Putting Greens

The holes have a buffer in to prevent the ball falling to the bottom and to make it easily retrievable. The circular ball retrievers attached to the ends of the putters will work but we ask members to take care to avoid damage to the lip of the cup.

The flagsticks are not to be handled and there will be a temporary local rule that forbids it, so any breach would incur a two stroke penalty. Please ensure you read the Temporary Local Rules board before you play.

Social Play

Social play is permitted in the competition times, but please be mindful that you may be taking a spot that would have allowed someone to play the competition. If you are able to play socially outside the competition times then please consider that alternative.

Competition Closing

As the cards will be entered by committee or administration volunteers it is important that all cards be submitted by 5 PM. All prizes will be Pro Shop vouchers. Entry fees will be $10 and we will award prizes of $60, $40 and $20 for each of the three divisions.

MiScore App

To reduce the number of score cards that have to be handled we are asking as many people as possible to score with the MiScore app. There will be an explanatory pamphlet available at the starter’s box for the competition on Saturday. If you have not already done so, please download the app from the appropriate store.

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