Following the finalising of the March Accounts, and confirmation of Government support through the JobKeepers Allowance and BAS relief, I can report that the Club is in a solid financial position.

The Club is loan free, has no debt and has a healthy cash balance on hand. Cash Flow projections through to the end of September show, that if nothing else changes, this solid financial position will be maintained.

I acknowledge the work of the Finance and Executive Committees , both current and past, whose financial prudence and good governance has resulted in us entering the current crisis in a much stronger position than many other clubs.

With a few stragglers left to chase, our Full Membership numbers stand at 747, a re-joining rate in line with budget. Once again my personal thanks, and those of the rest of the Executive Committee and the Management, to all of you who chose to support the Club in such uncertain times.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and you the membership, I extend a huge thank you to Allan and Tamara for all their hard work in finding their way through the maze of the JobKeeper Allowance and producing a credible cash flow, at what is always one of the busiest times of the year.

The Crisis Team will now meet once a week to review the cost reductions measures and the cash flow.

From the team of 8 greens crew, the number on course will be increased from 5 to 6 and the drainage projects planned for the year will be postponed.

The office will move to a 4 day week, closing on Fridays, until the situation on restrictions changes.

A personal thank you from me to all of you who have accepted these restrictions in good spirit and are diligently applying the social distancing measures that allow us to remain open.  I count myself as very lucky to still be allowed to play, the golf might be a bit different, but it’s great to be out… and the koala was on the 15th yesterday 😊

Arlene Penlington, President Noosa Golf Club



It is heartening to see the high level of compliance our members are maintaining regarding social distancing. We are truly fortunate to still be playing golf, especially with the course and weather conditions that we are experiencing. There have been few indiscretions by members and visitors so it is important to remind everyone of some of our requirements.

We have said you must not approach the next tee or green until the preceding group has left. It is not acceptable to play through the group in front even if it is frustratingly slow. For that reason, it is important that all groups maintain their position in the field and keep up with the group in front to prevent congestion behind.

There are some alcohol containers appearing in the recycle bins. The conditions of our liquor licence mean that alcohol is completely banned and anyone found with it will be asked to leave immediately and disciplinary action will be taken. I would hate to be the member who had the course shut down because they could not play a round without having a beer.

We ask members to let us know if they see any behaviour that is contrary to the rules that are in place.

The committee has taken a very conservative approach and we intend to continue with that approach until the governments change the law. The overriding philosophy was to ensure as many people as possible could still play with the highest safety level possible.

The intent of the government when they approved golf was for exercise and we feel that social golf provides exactly that. We have raised the cups so that there is no need to touch the edge of the cup or the flagstick, removed the rakes and sand buckets and reduced the tee time interval to the minimum practical.

We are aware that some other clubs are playing competitions and have a buffer inside the hole to make it easy to retrieve the ball. Although the modified rules of golf would allow us to run competitions it would be unrealistic with raised cups, preferred lies in the bunkers and the requirement to handle score cards. There is also concern that competition would slow play. Many of our members are thoroughly enjoying match play and we have had many member say they are satisfied with the arrangements.

The time sheet is close to full most days and we have had some no shows which could mean someone missed out on a game. Please respect your tee time, be there a few minutes before so you are ready to play, and if you cannot play please remove your name from the time sheet, preferably on the day before.


The greens are being closely monitored and the growth in the bare areas is improving. Some of the areas on the 15th were recovering too slowly and have been patched. Weekly top dressing is continuing, the mower height has been lowered slightly and we are not applying growth retardant.

The tees will be scarified soon and the area used as a tee in front of the spare hole tee will be improved. The forward tee is being used on that hole to reduce the possibility of balls flying into the adjacent properties.

Many of the penalty areas are now marked with red lines and some of the stakes will be removed. Only those necessary to indicate there is a penalty area there will be left. For example, the large stake in front of the water beside the 14th green will remain as the water is not visible from the fairway.

Bob Upham, Captain Noosa Golf Club


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