Firstly, I am pleased to report that 720 of our full members have re-joined.  This represents 88% of full members and is a great result. In normal years we would expect a re- joining rate of 90% and so at present our numbers are only slightly below budget.

I wish to extend my personal thanks, and those of the rest of the Executive Committee and the Management, to all of you who chose to support the Club in such uncertain times.  Many of you paid your fees at a time when the course was closed or threatened with closure.  I also acknowledge those of you who have re-joined even though you are choosing to stay at home until the crisis has eased, and so cannot enjoy the benefits of your membership for now.

Any sort of financial predictions on my part at this time could be no more than conjecture, but I can tell you that up until the end of February we were trading ahead of budget and had cash in the bank.

The Executive have appointed a Crisis Management team who have been meeting twice a week as the Crisis has developed and will continue to do so until the situation has stabilised.

I will detail below the cost reduction measures we have taken to protect the financial position of the Club:

All casuals from the bar, kitchen and admin have been stood down.  We have registered for the Job Keeper allowance and, subject to approval from the ATO, all except the 3 newest members of the team who had been with us less than 12 months will be re-instated.

The greens crew has been reduced from 8 to 5 and will be carrying out only essential maintenance. This decision will be frequently reviewed and numbers will be increased if the course work proves too much for the reduced crew.

All discretionary spend, including the new front entrance, the Master Plan and the replacement of the Clubhouse carpet and chairs has been postponed.

The majority of the bar stock was returned to the suppliers and our account was credited. The remainder will be sold to the membership to avoid spoilage.

We are fortunate that through the RTT we do have a revenue stream , however small,  and I acknowledge the past Executive committee and the membership who voted this in, little anticipating that it would become our only source of income, potentially for up to 6 months.

Our biggest threat is that a breach of the social distancing rules will result in the closure of the Club.

As soon as we are in a position to provide a credible financial update we will do so.

In the meantime, please continue to follow all the guidelines, enjoy the golf we have and stay safe.

Arlene Penlington

President Noosa Golf Club

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