The Executive and Management wish to thank all members once again for their continuing support of the Club and their adherence to the social distancing guidelines.

Our course has been open for 1½ weeks and the feedback from members has been extremely positive with all being happy to get in some exercise, fresh air and being away from their homes for a while.

This is a day by day proposition as we are coming under fire from some sections of the community who are questioning whether we should open.  For this reason it is imperative that members continue to abide by these rules.

Please be reminded of the following:

We are allowed to play golf to exercise, not socialize

Play your round and leave

Do not congregate in the Car Park before or after your round

You must stay in groups of 2 or less at all times

Do not proceed to a tee if the group in front of you are still on the tee

Please abide by the instructions of the Pro Shop and Club staff

The potential for breaches are:

Personal fines of $1,334.50 each

Golf Club fined $6,672.50 and FORCED TO CLOSE.

Members should be aware that some Clubs have been visited by the police enforcing social distancing.  Mt Coolum Golf Club this week received a 1st and final warning after a member of the public reported them for having groups of more than 2 on the course.  Additional to this the new owners of Noosa Par 3 who, due to players not abiding by the rules closed and bought forward course renovations.

The Club has been working extremely hard to keep the course open for our members benefit, the livelihood of the Pro Shop and our remaining staff.

If there is a breach, the persons involved will forfeit the right to play on the course until this COVID-19 crisis has passed.

Your continued cooperation and vigilance are needed.

Regular updates will follow.


Allan Harris

General Manager