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Noosa Women’s Official 9 Hole Competition

Following consultation with the Women’s Match Committee, Noosa Golf Club Executive has determined that, as of 2 July 2018, the reserved tee times for the 9 hole social competition currently played on a Monday will be reserved for an official handicapped 9 hole competition for Noosa Women.  That decision is in keeping with the position taken on the handicapping of 9 hole golf by the R & A and Golf Australia.

9 hole players represent on average 23% of Noosa women playing on a Monday.  We expect a steady increase in those numbers.

Players who might otherwise resign from competition (handicapped) golf due to age or injury will have the opportunity to continue to play competition golf under less strenuous conditions.  We may also attract younger and/or time poor women as the 9 hole players are generally finished by 9.30 am.

Benefits for current 9 hole social players:

  • The 9 hole players will be assisted with the organisation of their games by having a starter who will take their RTT of $4 and competition fee of $4 and provide them with printed score cards as per standard procedure for all competition players.
  • To enter the competition players will book a tee time on the computer time sheet.
  • 9 hole cards will be processed electronically and scores recorded on Golflink as per standard procedure for all competition players.
  • The official 9 hole competition will be fully integrated into the Women’s Club and supported by the women’s committee who will include the 9 hole prize winners in Thursday presentations, manage the finances and award monetary prizes to be credited to the prize winners’ house accounts as per standard procedure for competition prize winners.
  • There will be an award for the 9 hole competitors at annual presentations: The winner will have the best 3 stableford scores (aggregate) for the year.

The Club will continue to open the members lounge early to allow the 9 hole competitors the opportunity to enjoy a coffee and to socialise after the game.

Noosa Women’s Committee

23 May, 2018



Noosa Women’s 9 hole competition

The 9 hole competition is open to women who are full members of Noosa Golf Club and junior girl members.

The 9 hole competition will be played in accordance with the R & A Rules of Golf together with any Local Rules.

The 9 hole competition will be held on Mondays in conjunction with the Women’s 18 hole Monday competition.

A minimum of 6 players will comprise a competition.

The competition of the day will be in the same format as the Monday Women’s 18 hole competition.  Currently that format is stableford.  Any changes in game format in the future shall apply to both the 18 and 9 hole Monday competitions.

9 hole competitors will be handicapped under Golflink Regulations which require the submission of two 9 hole cards to complete one handicapped round.  There is no time limit between the two rounds.

Competitors must reserve their tee time on the computer booking sheet to play in the 9 hole competition.

Players must report to the starter 20 minutes before their tee time and be on the tee and ready to start at their appointed time.

Monetary and ball prizes will be awarded to winners and place getters according to the number of entries.  Prizes will be credited to the winners’ Club House Accounts.  Prize winners will be announced at Thursday presentations.

An annual award for the best three 9 hole stableford scores (aggregate) will be announced at the Women’s Annual Presentations.  Ties will be determined on a count back, starting from the 4th best stableford round.

The conditions of play for the Women’s 9 hole competition are the responsibility of Noosa Women’s Committee.  The Committee must be notified of any disputes within 30 minutes of completion of the round.  In the absence of a committee member a note should be pinned to the card/s in question outlining the dispute and providing a name and contact number.


Noosa Women’s Match Committee

23 May, 2018