Flora & Fauna



A Flora and Fauna tab on the web site is a new initiative to promote the Fauna and Flora of the Noosa Golf Club habitat. The area will be progressively populated with information on birds, other animals and Flora in line with new advertising promoting the golf club as a walk with nature as well as a game of golf. The Fauna section, is a first priority with information on many of the Bird Species we have on our course to be added soon. Some of the birds are migratory, others live on our golf course all year. A bird species count has assembled over 60 species and we are very lucky to have this number and variety living here while we try to make par.

As an example- did you know that we currently have over twenty spoonbill birds resting on the island to the right of the Eighth Hole fairway after their long flight from Northern Australia, and Asia. Also we have an Azure Kingfisher living in the vicinity of the new bridge as you walk to the Twelfth green. Lastly two King Parrots were sighted this month half way down the Fourteenth fairway (left) and flying across the Fifteenth green. Have a look for these three birds, the next time you play.


Birds x 3